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Corporate relocation?
With pleasure!

We encourage you to get to know with our offer addressed to corporate customers. If you are interested in personal or international relocations, please follow appropriate sections.

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Corporate relocations

Removal of a company and change of its localization is a very important moment for every company. It is bound up with many changes and difficulties.
Thanks to many years of our experience gained during the implementation of thousands company removals we know what to look for and how to plan a service least interfering with normal functioning of the office.
We offer professional services tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.
Thank you for your trust and choosing our company as a partner providing professional removal services.
Adam Bajorek
Sales Director

Discover why we are chosen by the best!

Corporate relocations is our speciality. Learn how we prepare for the service, explore the system of planning and securing the transported property and discover why we are chosen by the best.

As part of the corporate removals we offer:

Relocation of offices, businesses, warehouses, archives, libraries, exhibitions, public institutions and banks

We provide removal services for companies, offices and institutions. We undertake even unusual orders related to the specific sector of our customers.

Transport of computers, servers, UPSs, photocopiers, plotters and electronic equipment

Our professional experts know perfectly how to transport valuable facilities and equipment safely. As part of the relocation we also offer the possibility of disconnecting and connecting equipment.

Transport of furniture, documentation, safes and strongboxes

During each service we take care of professional packing and securing of company assets and documentation. We also transport heavy safes and strongboxes.

Transport of machinery, heavy and specialized equipment

We also provide removals of professional and heavy equipment. For the transportation process we use our specialist equipment such as external elevators and stairs-climbing robot.

Transport of works of art and antiques

We also provide professional transport od works of art. It is unusual transport therefore requires an individual approach. As part of the service we provide dedicated chests for protection.

Range of services:

Supply of packing materials

Before starting a relocation service we provide carton boxes for our clients so that company employees may be able to pack their belongins from their desks and drawers.

Staff training

We offer our clients the possibility to carry out training for company employees that will help them to understand the process of moving and will help optimize its duration.

Running information pages

For the purposes of needs of our customers we run additional website dedicated to their removal. We tailor websites to the needs of each company.

Securing routes, corridors and elevators

Always before starting work we exactly secure corridors and lifts so that nothing is damaged during the transportation of large dimension items.

Packing of property by a team of professionals

We care about safety of the property of our customers and therefore we secure and carefully pack even the smallest piece of equipment. Furthermore, we have developed a dedicated system of cartons adapted to various types of objects.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

As part of the moving service to our clients we also offer assembly and disassembly of furniture.

Disconnection and connection of computers

Our experts provide a service of disconnecting and connecting IT equipment according to the instructions of the Client.

Transport of documentation

We also provide transport of company documentation from the archives.

Loading and protection of property for transportation

Loading property on our van is always a planned process. We set the property in a safe way and secure it with transport belts and anti-slip mats.

Professional protection of high-capacity property

Even a property of non-standard dimensions is not a problem for us. Thanks to our professional materials we guarantee the safety of transported property regardless of its size or shape.

Unloading and setting the property according to client's specifications

The property transported by us is brought to the apartment and set according to the suggestions of customers.

Property storage

We offer our customers safe storage of property in our warehouses located in the centers of the largest Polish cities.

Cleaning and Disposal

After each service we always clean up protective materials used during relocation - leaving client's building clean. In addition, we also offer the possibility of disposing of unwanted furniture and consumer electronics / appliances.

After-move service

After completing a relocation we offer our customers additional after-move service - in which we make minor fixes when setting the property, etc.

Insurance of entrusted property

Each removal service insured by us for the amount of 3,000,000 zł.

Constant sales assistant care

Every client gets his own personal advisor who takes care about the proper course of the relocation process.

Professional packaging

Safe packaging property of our clients is extremely important. Because of that we have developed a special system of boxes that works even in the case of very specific objects. For the safety of property we secure them in wrapping paper and bubble wrap. Thanks to such professional packaging our client's property has no right to be damaged.

Safe transportation

The property of our customers is very important to us and therefore at every stage we give them a guarantee of security. Carefully protected items are transported using our modern and reliable fleet of vans from Mercedes Benz. The vehicles are equipped with modern equipment to ensure the safety of transported property.

24/7 Personal advisor

Each of our client gets a personal advisor who helps to go through the whole moving process. At each stage he assists with help and good advice. With the experience gained during the implementation of thousands of services our advisors are able to predict and plan the course of relocation in accordance with customers' needs.

Relocation? With DTS is not a problem.

We encourage you to contact our sales department where experienced specialists in the industry will answer all questions, adapt and prepare the perfect offer.

It is really worth to contact us because we know everything about removals and we like what we do.


We support our customers in a variety of activities related to the removal and transport. We offer storage of property, small assembly and disassembly of furniture and recycle of used equipment. In addition, we offer professional transport of IT equipment.

Equipment of professionals

In our resources we have special equipped cars which include: GPS, load securing bars, straps for securing cargo transport, anti-slip flooring and durable transport blankets.

We have a robot and an external elevator

Implementation of some services require special tools. The DTS have such specialized equipment as the robot to carry heavy loads up the stairs or external elevator. We are prepared for the most difficult tasks.

satisfied customers

Every opinion on the provided service is important to us. Our quality control department examines the satisfaction of every customer. We monitor the quality of the services and introduce corrective actions if necessary. Quality is the foundation on which we build DTS. We are fully aware of how important it is.

PSP, IAM, AMSA, international trade association

We proudly support and belong to international associations. This elite club of companies with the best views in the market that are annually audited by independent industry experts. We belong to the American Moving and Storage Association, International Association of Movers, Polish Association of Movers.

We employ more than 300 professionals

In the service industry professional team is essential. Therefore in DTS we care about our employees constantly raising their qualifications and competence. Only companies that employ staff on a permanent basis can ensure repeatable, high quality services.

ISO 9001:2008

We operate in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This guarantees consistent quality of our services. With the procedures applied in our company you can be calm. Each of the thousands removals organized by the DTS was under control.

Team Member

We have a fleet of 115 cars

Our fleet in addition to the experienced staff is our showcase. That's over 115 furniture cars adapted to transport of fragile cargo. Reliable, tested and new because that is when it may be really reliable and that's what clients are looking for.

Team Member

More than 18 years
of experience

From 1 January 2000 we provide removal services. Since then every year we raise our qualifications and although it is difficult to surprise us, we understand that every move is different.

18 branches
in Poland

Through our branch network we are closer to the customer. Through efficient organization we shorten the distance, time and money. We have offices in Warsaw, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin, Wrocław, Plock and Kalisz, Gliwice, Rybnik, Lodz and Walbrzych. We provide services throughout the country and the European Union.

We realize
unusual projects

Where trust, confidence and performance counts, there is DTS. Whether we carry thousands of offices emptying skyscrapers or the biggest Polish archives up to tens of kilometers long - you can trust us. These are the opinions of our customers that we are proud of.

Trusted by
more than 1 mln clients

We brought the property more than 1 million customers. This would not be possible without the trust that they bestow upon us. We work on it every day with pleasure.

Industry records

To meet customer expectations we were able to establish some industry records that have not been beaten.

Can you end up moving 700 people 24 hours before deadline?

We established this record while moving Allianz company scheduled for 3 days. Carrying approx. 40 trucks in 12 hour shift we managed to finish the day ahead of schedule.

How to relocate 2000 employees of one company in 3 weekends?

Nobody in Poland has beaten our record that we were able to accomplish when moving Polkomtel - Plus mobile network operator.

Who can pack and carry 650 computers in 40 hours?

In publishing Presspublica time when computers are turned off is rare. It was the same that time when everyone was anxious to allow editors return to their duties as soon as possible.

Relocation Step by Step

Make an appointment with an advisor
(22) 526 1000

We encourage you to contact our sales department representatives, always glad to answer your questions about relocation process and helpful to arrange a meeting and introduce you our offer.


Planning of removal begins with an accurate inspection of building in which we work. This way we know what tools are going to be needed for our employees and how to organize the relocation process. An interview with clients allows us to meet their expectations and needs.

and valuation

An offer of activities and estimated costs prepared by us is presented to the customer for approval. At this stage we sign an agreement setting out the mutual obligations of the parties and the scope of their duties.

for employees

Relocation of company is not only a logistics process but it is also a challenge of managing staff. As part of our comprehensive services we provide institutional customers information materials for distribution among employees. Thanks to it staff is easier to cope with the inconveniences associated with the relocation.


Adequate protection of freight is extremely important. Because of this we deliver a set of ready-made packaging materials: cardboard boxes, blankets security and transparency to our clients.


We are punctual. Our employees act in accordance with the agreed schedule ensuring that the move is completed within the prescribed period. We know that to our business customers every hour of delay can be expensive so we often work at atypical hours thus ensuring the smooth operation of the client's business. We also provide expert advice on the best ways to implement removals that allow companies to quickly return to normal operation.

Securing routes,
corridors and elevators

Always before starting work we exactly secure corridors and lifts so that nothing is damaged during the transportation of large objects.

and transport

Our cars are designed to transport small and large loads. Facilities, such as lifts, straps or non-slip floor guarantee maximum safety of transported cargo.

Insurance of entrusted property

We have the highest insurance policy that protects the property of our customers to the amount of 3,000,000 PLN

Bringing transported property

We never leave customers in need. Thanks to modern solutions such as elevators and transport robots we provide cargo even in unusual places. Narrow staircases and no elevator are never an obstacle for us.


The new interior design, replacing parts of hardware or changing size of the property often leaves some items unnecessary. Customers who do not want to throw them away or sell we offer storage. We are able to store objects of any dimensions.

and disposal

After completion of the relocation we try to make it possible for our customers to start using a new office or apartment almost immediately. We clean empty containers and other remains of the relocation. On behalf of clients we can take care of disposal of unwanted furniture and home appliances.


After each completed service we examine the degree of satisfaction of our clients by asking them to fill the satisfaction survey. 99.9% of our customers would recommend our company to their friends.


Security held in the form of insurance policies and guarantee that customer receives from our company in the form of a assurance for the execution of the service shows the care with which the company approaches the customer belongings. We provide security during the service through a comprehensive security during the relocation process.

What do we offer?

We provide comprehensive insurance services through comprehensive security during the relocation process. We insure not only the property of our customers but we also cover the protection of buildings in which we work and property of third parties with whom we have contact during the service. We have the following insurance policies:

Civil liability insurance

Liability insurance covers all risks of loss or damage of property during operation of DTS employees to the amount of 1,100,000 PLN.

Road carrier insurance

Road carrier insurance in the national and international transport. Insured damage caused during transport, including the loss or damage to property to the amount of 3,000,000 PLN.

All Risk (Cargo)

All Risk worlwide insurance (Cargo) tailored to the client's expectations. We include it for the duration of the service.

Our fleet

We attach great importance to the security of the property of our customers which is why the average age of our cars is less than 2 years and their condition is regularly checked by authorized service stations. The fleet of our cars is 115 vans from Mercedes Benz that is adapted to the fragile cargo, requiring precise fastening during transport.

Tandem IVECO + trailer
90 m3, DMC 28T

This set is used for large international removals. Its volume and cubic capacity are successful enough to carry belongings of a large family even at the end of the world.

45 m3, DMC 12000 kg

This class trucks are destined to perform the toughest tasks. Equipped with an elevator with a capacity of 2T can safely carry any load both at home and abroad.

35 m3, DMC 7500 kg

Truck designed for city logistics. Thanks to its total mass - 7.5T can enter the city without special permits. The large capacity make them the primary means of transport for larger removals.

Mercedes Sprinter container
18 m3, DMC 3.5T

The largest group of cars in our fleet. Ideal for city logistics. Container body type eases loading and safe fixing of goods. Each car is equipped with straps and bars for fastening delicate cargo such as furniture and home electronics / appliances.

Mercedes Sprinter furgon
12 m3, DMC 3.5T

These cars excel at long distances. Their main advantages are small combustion, high speed and comfort. Thanks to it employees can quickly and safely bring cargo to the final destination.

Peugeot Partner
3 m3, DMC 2.5T

This is the smallest vehicle in our fleet. Used to supply cartons to customers and transport small loads. Often used by teams of employees as a mean of transportation to the place of removal.

A wide range of used vehicles allows us to offer the vehicle precisely tailored to the needs of the customer during the service.


When performing hundreds of kilometers we do not always decide to take all of our belongings, sometimes objects become useless to us. For customers who do not want to throw them away we offer storage service. In our modern warehouses all of belongings are safety regardless of the gauge.

Storage chests

The property of our clients is stored in secure storage chests. Chests made according to international standards ensure the protection of property regardelss of the storage period. Each chest is equipped with a list of property that it contains. For international shipments, the goods can be sent abroad in the warehouse chest without reloading. All the boxes are equipped with a secure closure seal.

Attractive prices

We offer an attractive storage offer to our customers using services of the company.

Warhouse monitored 24/7

Warehouses are located at sites that are protected and monitored 24 hours a day.

Locations in the centers of the largest cities

Easy and fast access to stored property.

Safety of items entrusted to us

The company has insurance of belongings stored in the warehouse.

Protective materials

DTS Pleasant removals provides its customers with a guarantee of safety packed and transported cargo. That is why we use so many types of packaging materials which allow safe transport of your property.

How do we protect your property?

The DTS company in its everyday practice uses the following protective materials:

9 types of packages for various applications

Each type of cardboard has a different way of using. Therefore, packages differ from each other in size, thickness and strength of paperboard from which they are made.

Stretch foil

It is used to protect furniture from atmospheric conditions and deposition of dust during the performance of services or storage of property. Also acts as a mechanical protection for example preventing opening cabinets while moving.

Bubble wrap

Ideal for shock absorption on long routes. Typically used for delicate objects, susceptible to damage and mechanical stress. It has also an anti-electrostatic function for packaging electronics.

Cushioning blankets

Blankets used for insulation of property placed in car also used to wrap loads of unusual dimensions. Gentle goods require adequate protection, we guarantee it.

Wrapping paper

It is a basic material used in the packaging of kitchen equipment and small pieces of glass. Careful wrapping of each element provides excellent protection against shocks and acts as an insulator between the individual elements.

Wooden boxes

Boxes made by our carpenter provided for special items such as paintings, sculptures, antiques. We use them also for securing large TVs or the motorcycles. This type of protection is used mostly by ocean container shipments.

Courier containers

Used for the transportation of materials requiring special protection. Durable plastic containers are the most robust mechanical protection. All containers are sealable which also protects the content against unauthorized access by third parties.

Zipper bags

They act as packaging for small parts, successfully used for packing small items such as desk items, etc.

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Chosen by the best

We are proud to present the list of selected companies for which we had the pleasure to provide our services.

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  • I knew DTS because previously they conducted a removal of company where I work. At the meeting an advisor took a picture and said that the new apartment will all look exactly the same. I did not believe it could be true. During the relocation I took my daughter to the cinema. As I got home all work was almost finished and all the things were in place. I was really pleasantly surprised, I recommend DTS - masters of removals.

    Adam Rzepka
  • Well I can say that I wish we had met earlier. I was moving in my whole life 3 times and the last relocation with DTS Pleasant Relocations is the one that I remember best. Maybe it was not the cheapest offer but at least I did not incur any additional costs. This time no one persuaded me that when moving, there has to be always something that will be damaged. Well done to the guys that know what they are doing!

  • Moving with DTS Pleasant Relocation was a really cool adventure. We feared the entire service because I had it done for the first time. However, after the first hour of the service I knew that I had chosen the right company. It was conducted by people who I would gladly invite home for coffee. Super team completed my service quickly and efficiently.

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Fachowcy DTS

Most companies in the industry have no employees often presenting it as their trump card in form of lower prices. We are of the opposite opinion and choose a different model of development. We believe that only a permanent staff can carry out the mission of our company. Only experienced, trained team guarantees the highest level of delivery service. Every day our professionals are improving their skills working in well matched teams. Every year we also distinguish the best for their contribution to the development of our group. Over the years we have learned to pamper our clients.


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Our sales department will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare an attractive offer of pleasant relocation.


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