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Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What elements influence the duration of relocation?

    The cost of removal depends directly on the time required to implement it and to a small extent on packaging materials that you will use during its execution.

    It also depends on time delivery which is influenced by elements such as:

    The amount of stuff to carry - the more things the more time the workers will needs to transfer all of them to the car and transport into a new apartment. Additionally, a large number of items involves the use of a larger car which also can affect the price of removal.

    Number of items that require special packaging - the more things you should pack the more time will be spent on securing and packaging goods.

    Location of property and the possibility of the driveway to the building - manual handling things moving subject within the upper floors of the building may extend the duration of the service and affect its cost. An additional difficulty is the lack of driveway directly at the entrance to the building. The necessity of transferring property a few dozen meters from the entrance to the building can significantly extend the time of implementation.

  • 2. What is the estimated price of removal?

    To present removals price estimates we will use the 3 variants differing on surface of performed premises. Conditions for each move are defined as typical, that is:
    - The apartments are situated at a distance of approx. 10 kilometers away from each other.
    - Moving is carried out during the week from 2nd floor in a building with elevator to the 3rd floor in a building with elevator.
    - There is a convenient access.
    - Customer packs his own belongings and clothes in the previously provided boxes.

    With these assumptions the valuation of removals is as follows:
    The apartment with an area of ​​30 meters - the equipment transported is estimated at approx. 10 m3: a wardrobe, a table, 4 chairs, bed, 20 cartons of personal stuff, TV, audio equipment, washing machine, refrigerator, 5 cartons of clothes, bike, cabinet, book rack, dishes. The cost of moving in this variant is approx. 700 PLN.

    The apartment with an area of ​​50 meters - the equipment transported is estimated at approx. 18 m3 2 wardrobes, dining table, 6 chairs, bed, 30 cartons of personal stuff, TV, audio equipment, washing machine, refrigerator, 10 cartons of clothes, 2 bikes, 2 cabinets, 2 shelves for books, dishes, sofa, 2 armchairs, a coffee table, a desk and a computer monitor. The cost of moving in this variant is approx. 1,200 PLN.

    The apartment with an area of ​​70 meters - the equipment transported is estimated at approx. 25 m3 3 wardrobes, dining table, 8 chairs, 2 beds, 40 cartons of personal stuff, TV, audio equipment, washing machine, refrigerator, 15 cartons of clothes, 3 bicycles 3 cupboards, 3 shelves for books, dishes, sofa, 4 chairs, coffee table, desk and computer monitor. The cost of moving in this variant is approx. 1,600 PLN.

  • 3. Does the cost of the moving depends on the weight of property or the time spent on the relocation?

    Weight of transported property basically has no impact on the course of implementation and thus the cost of the service. Time spent on implementation is a major factor, based on which the valuation of removal costs is performed. Reducing the time required for implementation can significantly reduce the costs of moving. The way to do this is to do certain preparations:

    1. Disposal or giving old or unwanted things that we will not be needed in the new apartment,
    2. Reserving space next to the building to allow access to the truck,
    3. Compression of personal belongings, books and clothes (these things do not require expert knowledge of the ways of packaging),
    4. Choosing of less besieged date which is so-called 'middle of the week' (excluding weekends).

  • 4. Can I go to a new apartment together with working team in the DTS car?

    Cars used by our company have 3 places for passengers. If the move is implemented between sites located within one city we will supply free space in the car. Due to the comfort and safety we do not offer a joint travel for long distances.

  • 5. Do you have packing cartons and can you deliver them before?

    We have a full range of cartons to pack every type of property. Customers who want to pack things on their own can receive the appropriate number of packages at any time.

  • 6. What is the estimated time of my moving?

    The duration of the relocation depends on the number of things that will be transported. The smallest removals during which we carry few larger items and cartons packed previously by the customer on their own, last about 2-3 hours. Larger removals of apartments with an area of approx. 40-60 m2 last about 4-6 hours. Implementation of the largest removals can take up the whole day. For the convenience of our customers we try to make the implementation of even the largest removals never longer than one day.

  • 7. Do you have a warehouse and what is the cost of storage?

    Of course we have our own warehouse and we enable our customers to store things in it. The cost of storage is 50 PLN per 1m2 for 1 month. The minimum area that we provide to our customers is 2 m2. In the case of a large amount of property subject to storage or a long period of lease we let our customers to negotiate the price.

  • 8. Will my relocation be insured?

    Of course.
    We have the highest amount of liability insurance on the market that protects our customers to the amount of 3,000,000 - PLN.
    Insurance coverage of up to 500,000 zł in Poland to 200,000 zł in Europe is provided for us by the Chartis Europe SA insurance company.

  • 9. What happens if something will get damaged?

    We take responsibility for property entrusted to us during relocation. Any damage will be reported to the insurer and paid compensation for damaged property will be transferred to the customer.

  • 10. Does distance between addresses in the same city has an impact on the price of relocation?

    Normally the price of relocation within one city is not affected by the distance between the loading and unloading addresses.

  • 11. Does the visit of consultant in order to estimate the amount of the property is free of charge?

    Of course.
    Customer ordering a visit of the consultant doesn't pay for such service and is not obliged to use our services afterwards.

  • 12. How can I pay for the move and whether prepayment is required for implementation?

    You can pay by bank transfer on the basis of the supplied VAT invoice or in cash at the end of the service (the service calculated at hourly rate - invoice will be sent by mail).

    Basically we do not require prepayment for the realization of the service but in the case of larger removals or desired terms of realization with great interest of clients (eg. The last weekend of the month), we may ask for partial payment.

  • 13. Do you assemble furniture when moving?

    Of course, if our consultant finds the need for disassembly of furniture or items for the duration of the relocation our employees perform all the necessary actions in this regard. There is also the possibility of mounting previously dismantled or new furniture requiring assembly.


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